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Moisture Analyzer

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Moisture Analyzer

· Medel Name : MX-50
· Supplier : AND

A moisture analyser or moisture analyzer balance can be a portable or fixed moisture meter for moisture determination according to an established moisture measurement principle. Used in agriculture, food processing, biomass, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, construction and other industries, PCE Instruments (PCE) professional-grade moisture analyzer products utilize renowned moisture measurement principles. For example, PCE halogen moisture analyzer balances function on the gravimetric or loss on drying (LOD) principle. A halogen moisture analyzer balance uses the heat from the halogen lamp or halogen light bulb to dry a material sample. Moisture content is calculated based on the weight difference before and after the drying procedure. The halogen-heated drying chamber of PCE moisture analyzer balances is suitable for moisture testing and analysis of samples of materials such as wood, pellets, biomass, granules, feed, food products, creams and pastes.

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