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Intrinsic Viscosity(I.V) Meter

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  • Intrinsic Viscosity(I.V) Meter

Intrinsic Viscosity(I.V) Meter

· Medel Name : PET PLUS

The Davenport PETPlus is a unique test instrument designed for fast and safe solvent-free intrinsic viscosity (IV) measurement of moisture-sensitive polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The instrument can be operated in stand alone mode to provide on screen results or used with our powerful data analysis software package NEXYGENPlus PET. Existing solvent methods for determining IV involve the need to handle and dispose of toxic solvents. This preferred method is both kinder to the environment and saves on the high costs of purchase and disposal of solvents.

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Product details description

• Unique microprocessor-controlled instrument for solvent-free intrinsic viscosity testing of moisture-sensitive PET

• Safe testing method, avoiding the environmental hazard of handling and disposal of toxic solvents

• Saves on cost of purchase and disposal of solvents

• Unique stand alone operation with full analysis of results on screen (including statistics) allowing constant visibility of last 600 results

• RS232 output available allowing connection to NEXYGENPlus PET, our powerful data analysis software

• Simple set-up, operation and maintenance

• Fast analysis of samples (within 20 minutes)

• Ideal for use on the shop floor in QC and R&D

• Small footprint - takes up minimal bench space

• Unlike other solvent-type IV measurement instruments, the PETPlus can be used for testing product throughout the process, not just for incoming raw materials, providing overall greater control of the production process.

• Tests reground material; ideal for recycled PET

• Supplied with an integral nitrogen regulation valve, the PETPlus requires only power and a pressurised nitrogen supply for operation. Easy pressure adjustment when testing different materials

• Includes training mode as standard, ideal for instruction of operators

• The PETPlus has common electronics and software used with other Lloyd Instruments material test machines providing the perfect partner in the laboratory with such benefits as operator familiarity, ease of use and integration of results from both the IV test instrument and the tensile test machine



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